Sunday, October 6, 2019


Thawngttha Deu!!!!!

Atu lio kan ram ah Thawngttha chimmi tampi nih an chimmi lakah a cheu cu Biatak Thawngttha si loin ngaih nuam le mipi hipnak le mipi duhning in chimmi an si hna. Cu hna pawl cu Thawngttha deu an si.
Thawngttha deu cu mitampi nih an duh lai, an uar lai, ngaih an huammi phun a si lai, zeicahtiah Thawngttha deu nihcun cu bantuk ding cu aa timhmi a si. Asinain Biatak a si lo caah mi nun chunglei a thleng kho taktak lo i thluak tiang lawng a phanmi le theikauhnak phun men an rak si!
Thawngttha deu le Biatak cu thleidan khawh a har ngaingai, mipi ca le bang ahcun thleidan khawh ding a si lo ti ko usih, asinain Biatak a pemh taktakmi Thiang Thlarau nih a cawnpiak pengmi Pathian Pennak chungah khua a sami hna nihcun an thleidan khawh.
Cun, a tlangpi in Biatak Thawngttha cu mipi nih an ei kho tawn lo, an uar tawn lo, an do lo nain ngaih an duh tuk lem lo, a ruang cu mipi duhnak thinlung hrawnghrang ah aa zelmi Thawngttha a si lo caah a si. Cun Biatak Thawngttha nihcun Pathian nawlngaihnak le Jesuh Khrih hnuzulh nak lei kong kha aa hmaithlak tikah mizapi nihcun cu bantuk cu an huam lo, an duh lo, asinain micheu khat Pathian nawlngaih ding a kawl mi te lawng nih an duh i an cohlan khawhmi Thawngttha a si.
Thawngttha deu cu atu lio kan ram ah a lar cuahmah ko i mipi thinlung cu Pathian Bia lei ah 90% paoh cu hmunhma a lak. Biatak theih duhnak le hlathlai duhnak thinlung cu 10% fai ti awk tluk lawng kan ngei.
Thawngttha deu cu Thawngttha Biatak, Jesuh Khrih cawnpiakmi a si lo caah a nehhnu ahcun a kan hleng tu lehlam a si kha kan i fiang te lai. A sullam cu, kan theihning taktak le an chimning taktak in a si lo zia, ton taktak tikah zeihmanh santlaihnak a kan pek lo zia, kan nun a kan luatter khawh lo zia, teinak a kan pek khawh lo zia, kanmah kel peng kan si zia pawl kha a langhter te lai. Cun, a poi ngai rihmi pakhat cu Thawngttha deu nihhin Biatak Thawngttha kha hmunhma a lak kanh dih caah Thawngttha deu lila cu Biatak Thawngttha dontu thil nganpi a si cang.
Thawngttha deu cu, a chim le a rel a fawi te, aho paoh ti awk nih an huam i biachim thiamnak pahrang hna an ngeih ahcun an chim cio khawh lai, asinain Biatak Thawngttha cu a pemhmi le a tongmi lawnglanwg nih an chimrel khawh i mipi an cawnpiak khawh hna.
Thawngttha Biatak cu harnak le tuarnak tampi chung in aa sem tawnmi le pemh tawnmi a si. Tahchunhnak ah, rawlulh nun in, thlacam nun in le thil ttha tampi tuahnak hna pawl nun in, pemh hramthok mi a si caah thadam deuh le fawi deuh in a kalmi nihcun an nganh tawn i Thwngttha deu aupitu ah an i chuah tawnnak a si.
Thawngttha deu cu Satan sin in a ra lem lo, Pathian a daw vemi le Pathian a kawl vemi hna, asinain Thiang Thlarau nih a hruainak tangah harsatnak le nuncawnnak lei ah a kal duh ve lomi, phundang chim ahcun, rawl a ul lomi, thla a cam lomi, ngaihthiam le toidor le mi caah nun i pek ti bantuk a hmang peng ve lem lomi hna sin in a chuak tawnmi a si.
Thawngttha deu a phuangtu hna theih khawhnak cu, porhlawtnak, i uahnak, mah le mah i bochanak, rum duhnak, phaisa duhnak, mipi cohlanmi si duhnak, mah ruahnak tampi telh chihmi, Pathian mi hmang si duhnak, capo saini, doctrine kong aupimi, buu tthatnak kong chim duhnak, cun sual lei kongah a sum in aa summi le lar duhnak thei a tlaimi hna khi an si. Mipi nih kan uar le uar lo in zoh ding an rak si lo.
Biatak Thawngttha a phuang tu cu mipi caah cun hmuh len ding khin an um lo, an har taktak, kawl len hau khin an um. Asinain anmah theih khawhnak bik cu, rawlul bakmi le rawlulh kong mi a cawnpiak mi, Pathian Pennak chung ah mi a hruai cuahmah mi, toidornak nun a ngeimi, a nemmi, mi uar ding a ruat lomi, thla a cammi le phaisa mit a au lomi thei a tlai deuhmi khi an si lai.
Mah hi an sinak theih khawhnak hi za ah za si lo hmanh ah, hi bantuk theitlai hmang in a tlangpi cun theih khawh tuk an si.
Cucaah mipi zong nih Pathian nawlngaih i timhnak thinlung he kan duhmi Thawngttha si loin Pathian nih a kan duhpiakmi Biatak Thawngttha hi kawl in fuh cio cang hna usih.
Bawipa thluachuah nan zate cungah tlung seh, Amen.

Europe Paih Championship 2019 will be hosted on 11th October in Denmark

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling
Europe Paih Championship committee has announced the EUPC Wrestling 2019 will be hosted on 5th October in Denmark.

The event will be streaming publicly in ChinMediaPage and the Live is to be watched as Pay Per View in their website  PPV can be purchased before or during the event in October 5th Friday.

Chin Wrestling (Paih) is one and most popular traditional sports wrestling of Chin people and this indigenous sporting 'Paih' is widely hosted known among the Chin throughout the world.

Photo: EPC

Thursday, March 28, 2019


Children under five dead's number significantly increased in a couple of years in Chin State

Yangon: Children under five dead's number is significantly increased in a couple of years in Chin State. During the last two consequent years 2017-2018, total of 994 children under five died in Chin State, Health Department stated. The reasons vary in different sicknesses but the leading causes of dead were pneumonia, preterm birth complications and birth asphyxia.

"In 2017, 354 children under five were dead and the number was significantly increased to 640 in 2018;  994 children in total were dead throughout these years. These children suffered from pneumonia, preterm birth and birth asphyxia", Chin State Health Department Assistant Director Dr. Sharon Par told the local media The Chinland Post.

Adding, "These three diseases can be cured accordingly, and as soon as you know that your child suffer from Pneumonia you have to get doctor or clinic, and you also have to have a regular checking with a doctor during pregnancy in order to prevent from preterm birth complications. Asphyxia happens during giving birth, so it's important to rely on someone who is proficient in that area.

According to State Health Department, there were 61811 children under five in 2017 and 62018 in 2018 respectively. The victims were mostly from Kanpetlet, Mindat and Matupi district.

Source: The Chinland Post

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


How to Change Post Author Name in Blogger Blog/Website

You may want to change your blog post author name on blogger. To do that follow these simple steps.
Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard.
Step 2: Click on Theme (template).
Step 3: Click on Edit HTML and click inside the box.
Step 4: Press Ctrl+F to search for <> (just copy from here and paste into search).
Step 5: Change <> into something you want to appear for the author name like 'Admin'
Don't forget to search for all the <> and change all of them into the name you want to display in your blog. 
Then you done!

Did you know?

Throughout the globe, 70.8 million people have been displaced and around 37,000 people are forced to flee their homes every day because of conflicts and different kinds of violence as of 2018.[1] This is a huge increasing in number that 43.3 million in 2009 to 70.8 million in 2018.[2] It is sad to say that only 2.9 million displaced people out of 70.8 million could have returned to their countries of origin and only 81,300 refugees could have been resettled in their third countries.[3]

[1] “Global Trends Forced Displacement in 2018” (UNHCR, June 20, 2019),

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.